Thursday, September 3, 2009

Had to share!

so two things I just had to share.. one.. I won some fiber from the Phat Fiber blog recently and it arrived today!
astro batts
It is much prettier in person, the light in my kitchen is not so good today.
I can not wait to spin it up. I'm going to wait until I get through the other 4oz of roving I have and get a little better before I do though, because this stuff is awesome. It is so cushy and squishy and shiny. They are AstroBatts from Rocketyarn's shop on etsy go check out that shop if your into fiber/yarny stuff (I especially like the look of the Gemsations lace weight yarns)

And I've been working on my hand spun yarn. I'm so very excited to say when I took it off the chair when it was finally dry.... no more corkscrews! It really relaxed a lot! I started to knit this Whisp wristlet last night but was having issues. Half the ribbing wasn't lining up and I followed the pattern to a T. Then I realized that I could change row 4 to read purl 11 (p1, k1) to end, or keep the purl at 12 and (k1, p1) to the end to fix it. I frogged it and started over today.
Right Side:
whisp in progress 1
Wrong Side:
whisp in progress 2
I still need to knit the pocket and flap but I love it already! I actualy think if you didn't want to pocket you could leave it as is and wear it WS out ad it would look funky!


  1. Talented people! I can barely stitch a rip! Wooohooo on your win and great work!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yarn porn. and its getting towards cold weather too...when I can crochet again and maybe even felt again.