Friday, January 30, 2009

Easily Sidetracked....

So the other day My best friend and I went out to the local rock shop and I picked up a BUNCH of stones for dragons and other things.. Bri picked up this really nice, larger sized carnillian, which she then gave to me and told me to make a dragon especially for it... Which is when I realized she still didn't have one of my dragons... sooooo I took the carnillian she gave me and made a cute lil dragon just for her (this lucky lil guy actualy got 2 stones! all the other dragons were jealous until he went to live with bri) (cell phone pic be warned) Photobucket

So as I mentioned before I want to take part in this blog project... I sat down with my clay.. and wound up not even doing anything for the project, instead I started making a mini dragon with the red left over from my pinch pot and ruby slipper... so now my work tile is has 3 works in progress all red.. none of them have to do with the sea at all! I'm easily sidetracked!
(another cell pic, worse than the first i know)
I'm going to attempt to finish this baby dragon, or at least get him some limbs before i need to cook dinner!

Note to self; wait an hour after waking before etsy-ing

So I woke up this morning and my alchemy in progress was accepted, finished, processed all I needed to do was send the invoice. So I opened apypal, and sent my customer a etsy convo that I'd be sending the invoice shortly and when paid items shipped etc etc... then I can't find her email addy anywhere on etsy, the transactions page, anywhere.... so I convo her again.. that I need her addy.... and then I find it... on the reciept of the transaction where I had already looked 3 times.. So invoice sent, one last apology convo and I feel like a total dope! Very unprofessional.... sure I'm just enjoying my hobby and hoping others enjoy the product of my imagination... but geeze! Unacceptable!
So from now on... I wait until at least an hour, or two after I get up to even go anywhere near etsy!
We live we learn, Ce la vi and all that jazz am I right?

So moving on.. I think I'll be participating in Thursday Sweet Treat Blog project this week..
I have about a bazillion ideas running through my mind about what to do for "Poetic Sea"
ideas both big and small... a covered frame with subtle blue green and white tones inside the frame a quote from Whitman's Sea-Drift ....
ooohhh or an art deco lady.. brooch.. with line art waves.. in a shimmery blue "base".. I could try the new transfer technique too...
Ok lets get crafting!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've joined the ranks!

Well I've been convinced to start blogging. I had a hell of a time choosing a name for myself and my blog, I decided to use my etsy name since i seem to be consumed by the need to create in clay!

Part of me feels like I've turned my back on so many projects, I had been doing a webcomic ( then school started back in september and with all the work it slipped out of my focus. Now that I've graduated and have time to draw I just can't seem to get my butt back over there. Instead I'm firmly planted in the clay seat!

I'm so proud of my etsy shop ( I've made actual sales.. to actual people.. (and my Aunt Steph, who just so happens to be awesome!) I completed my first Alchemy project today!


Stupid shakey hands! and I have no idea why the color came out so orange-ish, they are this bright cherry red color.. I keep thinking like an old corvette! I wonder if it's because I took them in the sunlight or if there is something funny with the settings on my camera.

Oh and I actually posted in the etsy forums today asking for a little advice on what to do with my pendants that I've been making. Like these (again today with the shaky hands/blurry photos.. you can't even see the detail in the Ahnk)
PhotobucketI think I came up with a good solution, listing them alone, but with an option to buy a chain/cord to go with it.

I had more to say, but I should go do some dishes....
Reminder to self, check out the Thursday Sweet Treats blog tomorrow....