Friday, January 30, 2009

Note to self; wait an hour after waking before etsy-ing

So I woke up this morning and my alchemy in progress was accepted, finished, processed all I needed to do was send the invoice. So I opened apypal, and sent my customer a etsy convo that I'd be sending the invoice shortly and when paid items shipped etc etc... then I can't find her email addy anywhere on etsy, the transactions page, anywhere.... so I convo her again.. that I need her addy.... and then I find it... on the reciept of the transaction where I had already looked 3 times.. So invoice sent, one last apology convo and I feel like a total dope! Very unprofessional.... sure I'm just enjoying my hobby and hoping others enjoy the product of my imagination... but geeze! Unacceptable!
So from now on... I wait until at least an hour, or two after I get up to even go anywhere near etsy!
We live we learn, Ce la vi and all that jazz am I right?

So moving on.. I think I'll be participating in Thursday Sweet Treat Blog project this week..
I have about a bazillion ideas running through my mind about what to do for "Poetic Sea"
ideas both big and small... a covered frame with subtle blue green and white tones inside the frame a quote from Whitman's Sea-Drift ....
ooohhh or an art deco lady.. brooch.. with line art waves.. in a shimmery blue "base".. I could try the new transfer technique too...
Ok lets get crafting!

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