Friday, January 30, 2009

Easily Sidetracked....

So the other day My best friend and I went out to the local rock shop and I picked up a BUNCH of stones for dragons and other things.. Bri picked up this really nice, larger sized carnillian, which she then gave to me and told me to make a dragon especially for it... Which is when I realized she still didn't have one of my dragons... sooooo I took the carnillian she gave me and made a cute lil dragon just for her (this lucky lil guy actualy got 2 stones! all the other dragons were jealous until he went to live with bri) (cell phone pic be warned) Photobucket

So as I mentioned before I want to take part in this blog project... I sat down with my clay.. and wound up not even doing anything for the project, instead I started making a mini dragon with the red left over from my pinch pot and ruby slipper... so now my work tile is has 3 works in progress all red.. none of them have to do with the sea at all! I'm easily sidetracked!
(another cell pic, worse than the first i know)
I'm going to attempt to finish this baby dragon, or at least get him some limbs before i need to cook dinner!

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