Monday, February 2, 2009

Today I will...

Ok so, I spend too much time browsing the net and not enough time actualy doing stuff that I keep saying I'm going to do.. so today.. A list (now mind you I planned on making this post like 3 hours ago.. so yet again.. easily sidtracked table for one.. right here)
  1. Finish little red dragon! do it Christina... you know you can.. just need to get out the fingerprints, apply the powder and BAKE HIM.. how hard is that? you can do it!
  2. Start something for this weeks Thursday Sweet Treats Challange
  3. Do the rest of the dishes!
  4. Finish folding the clothes that are in the hamper in the middle of the living room that you started at 7am.... stop being lazy! (ok maybe this one should be number one)
  5. Take some pictures of my little computer companions and list them on etsy.. (you knew you were going to list them when you made them, can't get attached to everything you make!)

Five things.. I think I can handle five things.....

maybe I'll make lunch and make one last trip round the etsy forums...... yea.. thats it.. then... the list tackling begins...

I will post later with some pictures of a finished little red dragon, a poetic sea peice in creation and some devilishly cute computer companions! (oh alliteration how I love thee!)

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