Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big Thanks.. works in progress

I want to say a HUGE thank you to my fellow etsynj members and those of you in the blogosphere who helped me out with my plea for help, here and elsewhere on the net! Even if some could not offer advice, they offered kind words which probably helped me even more, given how frazzled I was yesterday.
Mother Nature has decided to grace O'burg with a bit o' rain today... Kind of fitting seeings how this week's sweet treat theme was Let beauty rain down upon... I didn't participate this week, but you should definitely swing by there later today when the sweet treaty goodness is unveiled!
Oh yes, the rain! It won't allow me to retake pictures today.. unless it clears up out there soon.... So what I'm going to do is sit down with and fiddle with the levels in my pictures from the last post... The contrast/whiteness tool doesn't like me... let's see if the level tool and I can learn to get along! I'll post a few side by side before/after shots (not a million like before!)
I'm trying to decide what to do in the new pictures... I have read 50ish articles from various web sources (etsy storque, handmadeology, a few links kindly sent my way) on Backgrounds, lighting, post process editing, scale, props, placement.... Lots of ideas but I have no idea what's going to work.. methinks I need reinforcements.. of the best friend variety.. to help me with a photo day.
I have a bunch of harcover fantasy books that I think may work to place my dragons on.. with a pencil or pen.. set it up like a desk, or even on my wood coffee table, if I could get the lighting right in the living room. I'm just afraid it would be too.. much.. never know till you try.. I'm also fiddling with the idea of taking some drawing paper and sketching out "Here there be dragons" and start to ink it in.. leave it unfinished, with the ink pot brush and pencil in the shot with the dragons... less color, easier to control.. probably less busy..
Man my head is reeling with possibilities!
As for prices.. I'm still wavering! I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the value of my work... As artists we are our own worse critics aren't we? I've always had that problem and sometimes I need a swift kick in the arse, or a slap upside the head that says "Hey you.. yea you.. your stuff.. it's good.. get that though your thick skull.. or I'll have to whack you again!"
The overwhelming response of, "What are you.. crazy?" to my proposed lower end prices did get through to me... Earlier today I said $8 for devil critters.. (seriously I need a new name for these guys) and $15 for dragons. I talked that over with the matriarch of my family (my Grams... how wonderful she is deserves it's own post!) She said what MulchandMore said.. it's easier to lower prices than to raise them! She suggested $20 for the larger dragons (of which there is only one right now) and $18-$19 for the smaller ones. $10 for the critters. I reiterated how that felt high to me and she proceeded to ask me if I listened to what she said (about lowering prices) or if I called her to hear myself speak! She said try it out through at least the end of the etsynj-wide sale... and if I was still uncomfortable to lower them a $8 and $15. So I guess that's settled!
As for the sale, I've muddled that out myself and I've decided to do Everything in the shop Buy One Get One Half off (equal or lesser value). Now I just need to put more stuff in my shop.. so time to shush up.. and get into to edit some pics!


  1. Isn't it all overwhelming? I am glad you got a good response in your plea for help yesterday. I must say, your dragons are amazing! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Good luck with your critters and dragons and I think Grams has it right. Thanks for commenting on my blog and I am following you now.

  3. Your Grams is a very wise lady (wink) and you are very talented.

  4. Photos and pricing are the hardest parts of selling online! Just remember to never sell yourself short, its hard to get noticed out Etsy sometimes, but if your prices are too low, it can have the same affect as if your prices are too high.

  5. pricing...the bane of my existence. I feel your pain