Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy Monday!

I had a million things that I wanted to do today and I know I can't get them all done. So I've narrowed it down. Corned beef was on sale this weekend, so I'll be cooking that this afternoon, I do however have to run out and get beer to cook it in, I think I'll splurge on some Guiness.
We moved into our new house in September and still haven't gotten all the painting/wallpaper removal done yet. This weekend we decided to buy some crazy color paint for our bathroom. Here's the skinny on our bathroom color scheme... Mainly it's avacado colored, a subdued avacado, reminiscent of a sage, but still 70's style color, the tub and sink are this green, as are most of the tiles (they are beige with this green flecking every few tiles is a solid green) There is this striped pink and yellow rose wallpaper. Needless to say this isn't really our style... So I ripped the 1st layer of wallpaper off the wall yesterday and pulled out my HUUUGE stack of color swatches (every color glidden makes, I got the swatch). So Mike and I are going through all these swatches, everything is too bright too dark too bleh or clashes like hell with this green! So I say come on lets be daring! Lets pick something we normally wouldn't, it's only a quart of paint and if we don't like it we can change it right? So I try to think, aside from a 1970's bathroom, what color schemes would I find this green as part of the pallette? Something southwestern possible came to mind, then I started thinking to try to pull a highlight color out of the natural wood from the doors (and everywhere in our home). So enter tinderbox it really looks better in person than this photo from a color matching website (go fig) we'll see how it goes. It's either going to look really good... or ghastly and need to be changed asap! So I scored and sprayed the wall paper. I'm going to go scrape my lil tush off for a while. Then sanding, and hopefully primer before I have to run out to the store and start cooking.
I also have some dishes to do and some laundry to fold.... Dishes and laundry begin to feel like some odd paradox... No matter how much you clean, there are always more...


  1. i've never heard of that color website, eeee! very excited.

    my husband and i moved into our place in jc heights last MAY and just finished painting the hallway last night. we have literally had blue painters tape up on the walls in some places since we moved in! i feel really a TON better and now since i bought some hercules hooks, i'm ready to adorn the walls. :)

  2. That website's pretty neat, though the colors aren't perfect.. they are a bit washed out than they really are.
    Glad to know we aren't alone in the taking forever to paint everything dept.
    Speaking of hallways, two days before we were having a house warming party we decided to paint the living room and hallway, the seafoam color they were was nauseating. well fast forward 5:30 am day of the party we finished the hallway... and by finished I mean I still have to touch up all the corners where the two toned walls meet!