Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So my hand is all sorts of sore from two days straight of scraping and sanding. I still had two walls to sand today but turns out I can't hold the sanding block because my poor hand is so achy! So looks like the bathrooms gets a days respite from my wrath!
On the bright side, I can try to make something for the Sweet Treat challange today! If my lil fingers will cooperate!
I also have a cute chubby purple dragon to de-fingerprint, powder and bake!
And the cutest lil turtle that needs to be baked too, poor guy has been hanging out all week!
Okies, time to get crafting.... Joy!


  1. Oh! I did the 2nd Sweet Treat challenge and it was so much fun, but I haven't had a chance to do any since! I definitely want to though..

    I meant to reply to you about using wax paper on a light box -- sorry for the delay! I think that would probably work really well too, since it's a bit opaque. But I guess you won't really know until you try... all of this is really trial and error, isn't it?

    Good luck, and I hope your hands heal quickly!

  2. I sympathize with your scraping ordeal. We did our bathroom a few months ago. It had this silver foil-like paper with butterflies that had been up for nearly 30 years. It was well past its prime and not my style (a left-over from wife #1). It took 5 days to soak and scrape! Thank goodness half the room is tile! We didn't know to try fabric softener. We just used hot water. We now have a cream colored all and have accented it with blue tropical fish themed accessories. Much better!