Thursday, July 2, 2009

Person of Interest: Caroline of New Hope Beading

Today I'm very proud to present to you all a wonderful woman from New Jersey.

Name, rank & serial number? Aka who are you, what is it you do, where can we find you on the web?
Hi, my name is Caroline and I make handcrafted jewelry. You can find me on-line at:
and the new site that links them all together for you is:

Have you always been crafty/artsy? what made you decide to start your shop?
I have always liked to follow a project from start to finish no matter what the nature of that project. I also love design. I started out as an Assistant Buyer for a large department store in Manhattan when I first graduated college as an Undergrad, but I have worn many hats since!

I tell the story of how newhopebeading was born in the profile of my Etsy shop
(seriously, you should head over and read her story, right now, we will wait for you, I promise)

What would you consider your biggest success?
My kids.

How/Why did you get involved in the EFNJ?(Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey) (if you don't mind me asking that is)
I don’t mind you asking that at all. When my daughter was first diagnosed with epilepsy we were in shock. She was 8 years old and had never had a seizure before. We were lost and did not know where to turn. To complicate things we were in the process of moving back home to New Jersey so trying to secure medical care for her was complicated. I turned to a pamphlet from the doctor’s office from The Epilepsy Foundation, initially to assist in finding doctors after our move home.

But I found so much more!!!! I could go on and on about the amazing programs they have where they go into schools and do staff development and awareness programs for staff and students alike. The list goes on and on. But the one thing that took me totally by surprise was the understanding voice I always heard at the other end of the phone. I honestly don’t know how we would have gotten through that first year without them. Often when someone is first diagnosed, it takes awhile to hammer down the specific diagnosis and to get on the right medication.

My daughter has found amazing doctors and her medication (knock wood) is working well. As of May 31st she was 1 year without a major seizure and if we make it to August 5th without another seizure she will be one year seizure free…she said she wants a cake LOL
(mmm, cake! I don't blame her, keepin fingers crossed for her!)

Have you ever had a project disaster turn into something beautiful? On a literal level, no I am too anal. If a piece of jewelry doesn’t come out just right I will take it apart and redo it. Maybe that is why making jewelry has been so therapeutic for me since Samantha’s diagnosis. A piece of jewelry I can fix and change, control. Many other things in our lives these last 2 years we need to just accept and manage.
(now this is a statement I can completely understand!)

Any current/upcoming projects that you’re excited about working on?
Oh you asked the magic question. I am like a kid waiting for Christmas when I am waiting for supplies to arrive. Right now I am waiting for some Hill Tribe silver to arrive from Thailand. I order it directly because I get the best price, which I can then pass on to my customers. The only downside to ordering direct is that it can sometimes take as long as 2 months for it to clear customs! Right now I am waiting for some really cute starfish and other nautical Hill Tribe pieces. I really hope they get here before Summer is out!

Is there any tidbit of wisdom you’d like to share with us?
Life can turn on a dime…be happy today…don’t wait for tomorrow.

I’m interested to see how others may respond to the random profile question I got from blogger….
Your bow is not broken but you've run out of arrows. How can you fake being a bard?

I have absolutely no idea what that means LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
(and blogger random question dealie wins again, that s.o.b)

Now, you want to hear some really good news? Caroline is having a huge sale right now! It's only for her Etsy shop, but keep your eyes on her Artfire shop as a sale might find it's way over there sometime this weekend!
Fourth of July Weekend Deals and Treasure Hunt Deal:
*Free shipping in her entire shop from July 2nd thru July 6th.
*10% off all Mother's and Grandmother's Bracelets from July 3rd thru July 5th
*Find the special item with a treasure chest hidden and receive 15% off that item July 2nd thru 6th

Thank you Caroline for sharing your passion and story with us. It's women like you, who inspire me, everyday and in every way.


  1. Thank you soooo much for featuring me. Update...that silver from Thailand arrived and I will be working on it next week:) Of course I snagged one cute little starfish for myself lol

    Also meant to mention that the 4th of July sale is on my Etsy site right now...but if time allows, there may be a promo in my Artfire shop later this weekend :)

  2. Nice interview, cool pics!