Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation was amazing......

Hey guys, did you all miss me?
I just spent a wonderful week in Bermuda! My man's parents lease a time share with another woman and they go every year. Every once and a while they bring some family down. When my man and I first started dating we got to go with them, we had been together for seven months, and that was four years ago.
I was told two years ago we'd get to go this summer and had been anxiously awaiting for what felt like forever. Bermuda is a paradise and I enjoyed it so much!
While I was daydreaming about mango daiquiris, my man was day dreaming about one thing in particular, and he never let on........
Let me start by saying, that first year, we got some wonderful pictures at the unfinished church (historical site). It really is a beautiful ruin with an interesting story.
When we arrived this past Saturday my man and I went for a walk around St. Georges together, and made our way up to the unfinished church. They were setting up for a wedding, it looked beautiful!

I took some pictures, he took some pictures, we ducked out of the sun into the shade of a tree to soak it all in, we were there, together again, in paradise. And just as I was about to walk down the path away from the church he stops me, and asked me to marry him.

Best vacation.... ever.....


  1. WOOOOHOOO congrats!! Can't wait to hear the details! :) Welcome back!

  2. NoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo way!!! Look at you with your ring on the hand self! Congrats!

    so sweet :)


  3. Ahh! Congratulations!! Paradise and an engagement ring.. can't get much better than that! =)

  4. thank you guys so much!
    I'm super excited!