Thursday, August 27, 2009

Holy Crap it's been over a month!

Since I last posted. I'm sorry guys. I'm sure I wasn't missed all that much.
I've been sort of out of my mind recently.
Gearing up for a craft show in Sept. Learning crochet, taking care of the house, and, oh yea, trying to decide between a large wedding later, or "eloping" in Vegas when we are there for the APEX show in October.
Thats what has been making me loose my mind. There are so many pro's and cons to both. And I hate that for something as special as my wedding day, the money is a huge deciding factor. We could pay for a wedding at home, within the next year, but it would completely wipe out our savings (and probably his parents savings as well) and with only one paycheck coming into this house, no savings, well that's a scary thought.... And it wouldn't be the big church wedding the future mister would want, most likely it would be held in our back yard or his parents back yard, but it would still be nice, and all our family could be there.
Now Vegas (which is in a little over a month, oh god.....) I could spend the money I was given by my father (ironically enough it was my wedding fund, but he gave up on the thought before we got engaged, so it became house improvement fund, and now may turn back into wedding fund) and pay for a whole she-bang. Dress, rings, ceremony. We could go somewhere beautiful, the Valley of Fire... or have a Vintage Hollywood Wedding at the MGM among other options. But most if not all of our family would not be able to attend, in actuality I'd be surprised if more than his mother and possibly my father hopped on a plane to come out.. well best friend Bri would, if she could get the day(s) off.

So all this and way way more have been crowding my brain, driving me a wee bit more bonkers than usual. I've been taking the frustration out on yarn.....
wanna see?

blanket for my cousin's newborn son

grim reaper.. oooh scary...

sackboy to the rescue

skeleton bride in progress

skeleton groom in progress

whats a Gabu? cute thats what
yea yea, i let the wedding slip into my projects.....


  1. Ohhhhh cute creations!

    My 2 cents on weddings is just to make it memorable not expensive; like go to Vegas, video tape the whole thing like Britney and Kevin, have some moderate fun, then come home, edit the video, and have a BBQ reception with friends and family, maybe recite some lovey thing in front of everyone...and of course have a talented photographer at the BBQ...we only spent about 5k on our wedding, that's including dress, rings, everything! It was small and fun. I am sure you will get lots of ideas/suggestions! Don't be a stranger! :)