Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another week passes

Another week has passed us by, seems like I have a habit of blogging on Thursdays!
I survived Easter Sunday/First Holiday in my new house/first family holiday I've ever hosted as a *cough* adult *cough*. YAY! The parents all got along, I met my Mom's boyfriend, and my man's grandmother was very happy with my no longer pink but blonde hair. (*stomp*grumble* I miss my pink hair!) Honestly I'm just glad it's over!

A while back I won a $15 gift certificate for Ruth @ AllOverArt's Shop in her monthly giveaway, I still haven't spent it because I'm so torn over two of the pendants that I just can't choose. Well folks she's at it again (it is a monthly giveaway afterall) and I'm throwin my hat in the ring once again, if the random number generator fairy smiles on me again I won't have to choose between pendants and can get both! With this mention I'm simultaneously upping my chances and diminishing them, I get a second entry, but all of you lovelies have a chance to win too, if you pop on over her blog and check it out for yourself!

I finished the books my friend lent me and he was right I loved them! Rose of the Prophet trilogy, by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. They are the ones who wrote the original Dragonlance trilogy. The first book was slow going, I really didn't get hooked to the point of can't put it down until the last 100 pages or so. And then I devoured the last two books, and of course, I'm a lil sad that it's over, that there is no more to read of Khardan, Zohra and Matthew, but it was truly a great story! If you liked the dragonlance trilogies and dismissed the other Weis Hickman series (like I had at first) you may just want to pick these up, and remember, its slow to pick up, but if you keep reading you wont be sorry, sooner than you think you may not be able to put them down.

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