Thursday, April 9, 2009

Slacker, party of one.. right here!

Blog slacker that is.. otherwise I've been keeping very busy.
As mentioned before Easter Brunch will be at my house on Sunday and while at most there will be eleven family members here I'm going a bit crazy at the thought.. My house just doesn't seem put together enough, my spare room is not really put together as a real room yet... I need to mop all the floors, I've been cleaning like a mad woman all week! Not to mention the fact that although my man's parents have met my grandmother, in over 4 years together they have never met my mom.. my mom is, shall we say, an interesting lady who can sometimes rub people the wrong way.... She's (and me too honestly) the type you either love right away.. or hate... (example: my mom and I have matching shirts I got us from Vegas that Say "If you think I'm a B**ch you should meet my Mom(Daughter)we wear them out together... yeap she loved it!) I'm hoping since they adore me, they'll think my mom is quirky and love her too! Doesn't mean I'm not nervous as all heck!
That's and avatar of me and my mom...a few years ago doing an ad spot for a friends horror film company....we aren't your typical mother daughter pair I guess!
Paranoia aside...... it should be great really.. I'm just a giant worry wart!
What else has been happening? Well I've wanted to learn to knit forever I never had anyone who could teach me (my gram that lives near by could only crochet, and that was before the RA destroyed her fingers)..
My man took me out to lunch on Saturday and while we were out he asked if I minded if we stopped at the bookstore... me giant bookworm that I am.. would I mind.. pfft.. lets go sweetheart! Mind you I have 3 books a friend of mine lent me that I ha vent finished reading yet... So I looked at the fantasy novels,browsed the fiction section, made note of the new book said friend and I wanted to read to tell him I saw it on the shelves... and headed over to the art/craft section to find some polyclay books.... The section was HUGE.. I mean really HUGE.... and I looked.. and looked and looked.. and only found TWO books on polyclay... TWO, and both were on making beads, which I honestly can do without a whole book thank you very much... But there was an entire wall of knitting and crocheting books! So I just decide to browse through the complete idiots guide to knitting and crochet.... My man comes up to me after he found the graphic novel he found worthy enough to buy... took the book from my hands and bought it for me!! YAY!!! We didn't stop and get any knitting needles or anything, we just wanted to get home... but once there I dived into the book... and started practicing casting on stitches onto a pen with old scratchy yarn from an old craft project. Next day we were out and about and I got a pair of size 8 needles and two skeins of yarn to learn with, best to see if you can do something before investing too much cash into it.
I've completed one practice piece in a garter stitch (I just used the knit stitch trying to get used to it)... I had accidental been adding a stitch on the end by pulling the last loop the wrong way, so I learned how to decrease a stitch... I was left with something mishapped that I though now what the heck do I do with this... as I was smooshing it to turn into a blob monster.... I realized I had accidental made a perfect fingerless glove! well not perfect perfect.. but close enough.. I'm wearing it right now.. great cushion on my wrist at this computer desk!
Yesterday I learned the purl stitch and now have a few inches of nearly perfect stockinette stitched fabric that will probably become my first ever scarf.. if I don't ruin it while learning to switch colors!
I was going to sign up for twitter today, but the name TheClayMuse is taken.. claymuse isn't so I may take that one...I'm just a wee bit intimidated with this whole twitter thing... keep an eye on my sidebar, if I take the leap I'll be adding a follow me widget!
And since you only got a tiny little pic and I got nostalgic while browsing photobucket for it.. here's some of my artwork from a few years ago.. I haven't drawn pencil portraits in forever! (Click to enlarge!!)

He's dark and brooding over something or other.....

graveyard self portrait.. yea I'm an odd one....

Alex... wonder what he's up to these days.....

Someone HELP!!! I'm being bitten by a cute vampire!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Am learning to knit and crochet too, very addictive and therapeutic!!
    You really should get the pencils out again as well, your drawings are superb :0)

  2. Thanks! I think I suffer from too many interests not enough time syndrome! just popped over to your blog neat finds!

  3. Good luck with the parents' meet! I have yet to do mine.. and wonder how that will end up.... It's always nerve wrecking, both you and your mum sound fun!!! All the best! Happy Easter! :)