Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rain rain go away....

Man, don't ya know it.. whenever you want to play/work outside... there comes the rain! Of course there is plenty of work to do inside as well.... Just not the work I wanted to do!
I cleaned the lizards cage today, problem is the pet store near where we moved doesn't carry the white reptile calci-sand by zoo meds that my little guy is used to.. They do however carry another brand of calcium sand that I know is safe for leopard geckos, problem is, Slick Nick is one picky little brat! Not only is the sand not white.. but it's not as powdery, it's more textured. Now Slick always gets ticked off when I clean his cage because for the interim he gets stuck in a dark shoe box.. he HATES the shoe box.. and he usually gives me the stink eye for a while before he crawls back in his rock for his daytime sleepykins. Well.. whew.. boy I wished for the stink eye today! First he freaked out so much he nearly broke his neck trying to climb up the glass and out of the cage when his toes hit the sand(leopard geckos can't climb glass unlike their other gecko cousins who can). So I took him out and let him chill on my chest till he calmed down, then he hung out with me till he tried to make a break for the floor... Back in his cage he's sitting there, on top of his large rock.. shooting daggers at me with his lil eyes, refusing to touch the new sand... I just took this with my cell (quality sucks)

he is so mad at me! I keep tellin him tough tooshy mister.... it needed to be cleaned and I wasn't driving 45 mins away to get him the sand he likes!

Moving on... I won my category in the Artisan's challenge last week, which means I'm now in the weekly challenge! It's pretty stiff competition over there at the moment! I'm neck in neck with one artist.... it's gonna be close..
So if you would be oh so kind.. and pop over there and vote for Baby True Blue by TheClayMuse (second entry on the list) I would be ecstatic!

If you didn't see the shout out post before this one, please check it out.. those 2 lovely ladies who deserve a bit of exposure!

Spring is here.. I have flowers peeking through the leaves to prove it....

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Pets can be so picky. My rats only like one kind of food, and refuse to eat another brand, haha.

  2. Hahaha. Oh my gosh. I didn't know lizards could have attitude. That's kind of cute. My cats and fish give me the stink eye for one reason or the other... everyday. :)