Monday, March 30, 2009

A shout out or two.....

I'll probably be posting again a bit later on today, but I keep meaning to shout out to two wonderful ladies out there in the crafting world, and well.. jerk that I am from time to time I keep forgetting!!! So before I forget, yet again... may I present to you Danielle, of CreationsByDanielle . She is a fellow Jersey gal, I came by her shop via the EtsyNJ street team yahoo group... Another wonderful Jersey gal had been asking about copyright/royalty free pictures and I passed along a teeny weensy bit of info that I found while unsuccessfully searching for royalty free pin-up girl pictures to use in a few projects. Well wouldn't you know Danielle sent me an email with a link to one of her sold items, she had some goodies that were just what I had been searching for, and she offered to send me a few free of charge! A few days later and I received 10 that's right TEN wonderful images!
Her shop is full of so many nifty goodies! If I had some spare cash hanging out you can bet your bottom I'd be snatching up a few things... like this hand crocheted poncho...

or how about these vintage clover studs?

So why don't you pop over to her shop and see if anything strikes your fancy...

But wait there's more! I did say two wonderful gals didn't I?
Debbie over at Polymer Clay Ponderings had a giveaway recently, to try to get more followers on her blog... She had a tutorial on how to make adorable bunny pins like this one that she gave away..

Sadly.. the goal, to get more followers.. wasn't as much of a success as it should have been... Don't ask me why... I love her blog... a bit of claying fun..complete with tutorials from time to time, a bit of life.. and an astronomy picture of the day (on the sidebar). Debbie is just full of umph and I just love to visit her blog! And how psyched was I when I won that little cutie pie.. I'm anxiously awaiting the mail man as we speak!
So what are you waiting for? Pop on over and say Hello! to Debbie.. tell her I sent you.. spread a smile!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. hehe, thanks for the comment, made my day that I made you snort mountain dew out of your nose hehe. :)