Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So many projects

I have so many projects up in the air right now!
The short(er) list:
complete 1st step of coaster project while resin experiment cures
glaze earrings
build bracelet(s) out of heart beads previously made
finish tiling paper mache box
mailbox plaque
"Pandora's boxes"
make a mini castle
new dragons
new devil critters

And that's the shorter list.. I have so much more I'd like to do! So many ideas! My spare room (where most of my craft stuff is) is overflowing with boxes and bags full of crafty goodness just dying to be used. I was looking for some clear glass beads this morning and found a bag full of mini paper mache boxes, wooden frames, mini note books and a few other things I got with some x-mas cards and totally forgotten about!

The other day I finally got around to fooling around with mica effects (click to find out what the heck I'm talking about) in the metallic clays. I used gold.. not sure if I'm going to actually do anything with the long Celtic knot ghost image. I could make it a pin, or magnet, but I think it may wind up in the "first attempt" bag, where some stuff goes never to be seen again!
The earrings are the earrings referenced above in my project list. I think I'm actually going to glaze these, maybe even list them.. that is, if I can resist wearing them on St. Patty's day! The green clay is actually metallic.. the photo is dark due to no pre-picture planning on my part!

It took about 16 tries of shaving the stamped image of the knot without cutting too deep or ruining the effect! But it came out pretty good for my first(16th) try!
I love the earrings! the flaky 3-d effect is just too cool.. by the way, did I mention all the gold surfaces are flat! No really I swear.. FLAT! I love nifty tricks like that!

Do you remember this bracelet?

Or these pendants?

Well they inspired me to make more swirly heart beads! I made a bunch with the same scrap log as above...

And some that are just black and silver.. (No photo yet sorry guys!) I went and bought some memory wire for bracelets.. instead of hooking my own charm wires together.. I'm not so good at the wire loop bending process yet! Hoping to get those bracelets done this week though!
How many projects do you have on your "short list"? I can't be the only one with a bunch of half finished projects and/or great ideas floating around!

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  1. What's a "short" list? One seems as long as the next around here. Maybe I should just wallpaper the craft room with those lists for a different effect!

  2. I wouldn't know how to act if I only had one thing going at once...I work better under pressure. Love the Celtic knot set.

  3. Haha.. thats a good idea splashin!
    And thanks Sandi.. maybe I should actualy turn the knot into a pin and not toss it in the bag eh?

  4. Those swirly beads are so cool! And yes, I have lots of ideas swirling about my head... not enough time!

    By the way, I can't believe that I hadn't hearted your shop until today -- especially since you're one of my favorite people to stumble upon in the forums!

  5. pretty...
    geez are we supposed to think about the unfinished .. thats to scarey...
    have a great week...
    mona & the girls
    going to get busy now now now ok now...!

  6. Jess, I hadn't hearted you either and hadn't realized it.. I got ya though,
    And thanks, I love seeing you around too!