Monday, March 23, 2009

Wisdom teeth bring pain not wisdom!

So where the heck have I been for over a week? In agonizing pain thats where! My bottom left wisdom tooth decided it wanted to pop out a bit and get infected, with no job or insurance I waited a week before seeing a dentist. I thought it was just breaking through not infected.. Well I was wrong, so now I'm on horse pill sized antibiotics and (thankfully) vicodin.
So I'm loopy doopy doped up, but I'm not in pain and I've actualy slept through the night the past two nights.
How are the coasters going you ask? Well.. I transfered two of the images so far, the first, well the clay had little wrinkles in it that I didn't see and the image was scratchy looking. The second, one little bubble of a spot didn't touch and there was a blank spot. The second was better than the first.. so thats encouraging. It's a lot easier to transfer smaller images. Today I'll be trying to salvage those two with a different technique... I'm going to reprint the images on plain paper or cardstock, modge podge them down to the messed up coasters and resin cast on top of that. If it works then I'll no longer try the tranfer technique on something so large and save my tranfer paper for pins and pendants and smaller things like that. If it doesn't work.. well then I'll keep trying to perfect the original idea.

Now I need your help with something...
I entered the artisan challenge at Blockhead radio... my baby blue dragon is in the 3d category... I need your votes!!!!! If I win this challenge I get to go up against the other categories for some free advertisement for my shop.
So pretty please... with sugar on top.. pop on over here and vote for my dragon!
Thank you oodles!
(sorry no pictures today!)


  1. Hi, I voted and you are leading:)
    There was a thread I saw yesterday in techniques on etsy about transfering images to clay or sealing them on,you would probally understand(if you can't find it convo me)
    wisdom can be painful (enjoy your drugs?)

  2. Thanks for the comments. I will put your name on my bulletin board for an interview in a few weeks. It will be fun. Thanks for following me..I appreciate it. Now I'm following you!

  3. OK I voted and now you shall win. If you haven't voted for me as well in my contest, please do! wooohooo!

    Wisdom teeth are dumb. Seriously. I had all 4 removed at once, and the left bottom decided to shatter while being removed...something about that side is obviously super dumb. Get to feeling better and being crafty soon!!!

  4. Thanks Kim!
    And I popped over and voted for you!
    I'm way in the lead at votes!
    So thank you everyone here who voted I'm so excited!