Thursday, March 5, 2009

I had a goal today....

Well two actually.. One was to figure out how Google Base works and get my etsy shop feed hooked up, which I think I may have accomplished. I'm not sure yet, I set it to update at noon and It's now somewhere around two thirty and it's still processing. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one for the moment!
My second goal was to figure out a new name for these guys...

I had been calling them "Devilishly Cute Computer Companions" and sometimes just devil critters. But the first moniker, while adorable and chock full of alliteration (which I love!) feels too.. boxed in.. like I'm saying.. this guy sits on your computer/computer desk and no where else... when heck he could hang out anywhere! I had the first one I ever made keep me company while doing dishes, he sat on the windowsill the first week of his life. It wasn't till after that week that he found his permanent home on my computer tower with all my other little friends!
I'm asking for some suggestions! I know there are a bunch of creative minds out there... what would you call these little guys?


  1. The could be your "muse" and sit anywhere in your studio while you are creating.

  2. These little guys are so cute. I love the eyes!

  3. They are so cool! I love their eyes too :)

  4. ...I'm thinking something with the word 'muse'...maybe devo muse / devomuse ...