Monday, March 9, 2009

I've been so busy, but it feels like I've gotten nothing done.....

Everyone has a day like that right? well for me it's been about a week or two. I seem to be going going going and have virtually nothing to show the world for it. I guess that's how life is from time to time, we get so wrapped up in every little thing, we let day to day life overwhelm us. We really shouldn't.. let life overwhelm us... We all have goals, big and small for our futures, we get wrapped up in work, and counting dollars, and we are always stressing about tomorrow, and days beyond. It may be cliche to "say" this, but tomorrow isn't a certainty, and the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. No matter how hard we work for the carrot at the end of the stick, it may not be there when we finally reach it, through no fault of our own, and not for lack of running the race.
Now I know that sounds a bit dark and pessimistic, it's not meant to be, it's merely meant to get us to think, after all, when you finally reach the "carrot" you may realize, it's not what you wanted after all, or you may have found a "carrot cake", something bigger, better, and yummier to strive for. heck you may have even decided that carrots aren't your thing... Am I loosing you?
The point is, daily life, and stressing about it and the future, can lead people into misery.. or just general grumpiness. I myself, I get a little cranky from time to time. What we have to remember, more cliches I know but, each day is a gift, tomorrow may never come, life is lived in moments and memories; how we remember those around us.. how they remember us. Life isn't about tomorrow, it's about today, and why spend today miserable, or cranky, stressed or what have you? Find one thing to smile about, one thing to laugh about, smile to the counter clerk at the coffee shop, (smiles are freaking contagious I swear it!). Admire beauty in everyday things, spend time with the ones you love. And quit freaking out about tomorrow already!
Isn't this a pretty flower? I'm proud of the photo I took and how I fiddled and played with it in I'm also very happy to have the man in my life who brought me these flowers, I look at them and remember to cherish each minute, no matter what we're doing at the time. These are the things I have to remind myself of what I get in this.. OMG I'M SO BUSY, I haven't done anything, I'm running out of savings, can't find a job, haven't even blogged in what feels like forever... type of mood.
So what did I do about it.. well I went and ran my errands, I chatted with Amanda at the pet store while she got crickets for Slick (my leopard gecko), she showed me the new baby lizards they got in (sooo cute I want to bring them home). Then I went to the convenience store, and chatted with Terri at the counter while she rang me up... I was cheery and perky and smiling, I made other people smile, it made me feel good. So now I'm home and I needed to vent and get all... self help... for a moment. And now... well what mood.. who's cranky? Not me.. not anymore... I just needed a reminder.....Did you?


  1. Thanks for the reminder -- I've been running a mile a minute myself lately.

    And your flower photo is really lovely: fresh and pretty.

  2. Great post...we do need to stop and smell the roses and the photo is beautiful.

  3. those flowers are pretty - inspiring post and yes, we've all been there :)