Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back in the swing of things!

First and foremost.. THANK YOU!!!! Everyone who went over to Blockhead Radio and voted for my dragon.. I'm way in the lead so it's looking like I will be asking for your votes again next week when I move to the weekly challenge! Just checking out the other categories though, one jewelry piece has over 300 votes.. stiff competition! On to the post....
So it took almost a week before the antibiotics fought enough of the infection that I could mostly function again. Also Vicodin makes you very sleepy,dopey, and well.. not one for the going going going of daily life. I neglected almost everything all week.. well everything except my couch and the wonderful fuzzy blanket my Gma Barbie made me, we spent some serious quality time together these past two weeks (uh the blanket and me... to clarify *wink*)
Yesterday I was feeling well enough to get back in the saddle so to speak. When I woke up and looked around the house *shudder* it was a disaster! Dishes over flowing the sink, they had taken over the counter AND part of the kitchen table.... There were dirty clothes in the living room.. seriously, the living room, don't know how that happened! Forget about the explosion of dirty clothes in the bedroom... could barely see the floor. Oh and my poor had about an inch thick coating of grease and grime and gross from a week of barely coherent cooking (oh did I mention while cooking chicken cubes the other day for ceaser salad that I managed to loose 4 pieces under the pan into the gas flame while stirring... yea I was a wreck).
So I eat me some breakfast while the light on the lizard's cage is cooling enough to change...put yet another dish in the sink, get dressed, change Slick's light to his day bulb and BAMO it blows out... I know we have spare lights around here somewhere.... searching for 20 mins (put his night light back in) and all I find are 2 spare nighttime bulbs... no day bulb... Good thing I'm dressed and ready to leave the house cause off I go to the pet store, with a little piece of scrap paper that says 60W Neodymium.. because I always forget what type of light he needs!
Ok we're back in the house... lizard light properly changed and my jaw is starting to throb.. oh come on seriously.. I refuse to take narcotics today.. I pop an extra Advil and hope it makes the swelling go down enough that I can no longer count my pulse in my teeth... What to do first? It was beautiful outside and I didn't want to be stuck in the house all day, but I knew it needed work... and I needed to work on some etsy stuff too...So I made myself a compromise.. Start some laundry and while it's washing/drying go outside in the sun and take some product shots! Which I did for about 4 hours. The sun was so warm and it felt good to be outside (well except when I was running in to tend to the laundry.
Laundry done and folded, about 100 good pictures taken but the kitchen was calling!
Another 2 hours of cleaning later and all the dishes were finally done and my fingers hurt from scrubbing the stove, but I was no longer sickened by the sight of my own home!
So I sat at my computer and edited all the shots I'd just taken, after going through them and editing them I was left with 50 pictures that were usable.. 11 items now have pictures good enough for my shop.. But I of course have no idea what to charge for anything, so nothing has been listed yet... Here are a few of the shots I'll be using...

There's no place like home!

Black hearts can be beautiful too!

Celestial keepsakes....
And seriously, what category do I put a keepsake tin in? Oh did I mention I got that dreaded tag your items correctly email? Not that I wasn't paranoid about that enough! The problem has hopefully been fixed...

Oh and last night I cast some resin on two coasters (the two I decided to try to salvage) I'll post pics of them once cured.. they may need a second cast.. mmm do I wait 72 hours before recasting? I think I will to be safe...
Thanks for stopping by!