Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm back!

Did you miss me? No?! Well then.....
Sorry I took off with no back up posts or heads up that I would not be around but I expected to have access to my laptop/Internet while on the man's business trip to Philly. Unfortunately I did not, but that was not the least of our problems. I'm torn between sharing this ordeal with you all or just moving on. Before I decide I'd like to mention that I have a few Person of Interest interviews ready to go and one will be posted if not today, definitely tomorrow. If you are interested in being featured here please drop me a line at majikalfae(at)yahoo(dot)com. Please let me know just a little about you/why you'd make a good subject. You do not have to have an etsy shop, artfire or 1000 markets. All that is required is that you are an interesting person who does interesting things and has somewhere online where we can check out all your awesome....
I've decided to share part of our adventure, but will try to keep it kind of short.... The thing to keep in mind while reading all this is that we were in Philly because the man was on a business trip, manning a booth at the PV(photovoltaic) America show.
We got done at the convention center kind of late, so we check into our motel(yeap Motel not hotel) and go to dinner. When we get back the man realizes that the toilet seal is busted and there is a bad leak. So we get our room switched. We get into our jammies only to realize that, our rental car keys (with our house key too) are missing! We tear the new room apart and find a crumpled porno mag and a very large bag of weed under the chair in our room! But no keys! So we freak out a bit about the bag and decide it's probably best if we just wrap it in a trash bag and toss it in the outside trash bin. We probably should have handed it in to the front desk guy or something but it was midnight and our brains were not working so well and we were, well weirded out. We go to the front desk to get the keys to the room we originally had, and tear that room apart. No keys. When we go to hand the keys back the front desk guy offers to help us search, first the room we are in now (good thing we tossed that weed) then the room we had been in, and then he helps us shine flashlight in the car to see if they are locked up in there, nope, nope and nope! Call in AAA who pops the lock and leaves, search the car, no keys. After many calls to enterprise and AAA we find that we need to have it towed to a local dealership where they will cut a key in the morning (for about $200 thanks microchip keys with remotes!) We wait again for AAA who gets there about 2am. When the truck arrives a very large angry man opens his motel door and yells at us to "shut the fuck up, keep it the fuck down, some people are trying to fucking sleep!" Our tow truck guy yells back "are you serious, I've been up since 5:30 yesterday morning and I will fuck you up if i have to" (doesn't this just sound like oodles of fun?) No fight ensues, thankfully, and the car is towed we get up to our new room and our key doesn't work! On our way back to the front desk we pass a drunk guy who is banging on every door looking for his friends. Finally get back in our room and try to sleep despite loud slamming noise we keep hearing. It isn't until noon the next day when someone hands our keys in to the front desk (apparently he found them the night before but was drunk and didn't realize he never handed them in)I run upstairs, keys in hand to call the dealership, praying they haven't cut a 200 dollar key we no longer need. There's good news, and bad news, they haven't started to cut the key yet, because they can not locate our car. I'm pullin your leg right? Nope, sorry I'm not. around 5pm they locate our car in a back lot they never use, the only lot the tow driver had gate keys for.
And yes, that was the short version of only one reason our trip to Philly, pretty much sucked.

On a happy note, I woke up way early yesterday to drive to my Mom's (an hour and a half away) to then drive 4.5hours to a mile from the Maryland/PA border to pick up her two alpacas. Here they are in the back of the SUV Bourbon is close up and that's Maverick's head back there.

And here is Bourbon out today, Mom said Maverick was too nervous to leave the barn this morning.

Mom has more pics but they are on her camera, hope to visit them this week and get some copies to share.


  1. oh the animals are so cute! i've not seen the real ones... good that you are now back.

  2. O.M.G. sometimes it's good to jsut be home, huh?