Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not very-Wordless Wednesday

My pc is dismantled at the moment, so no good pics, instead you get a World of Warcraft Screenie and a little story!

This is my only Horde character Indunda (do you know where her name came from? it's spelled wrong so google won't help!) She's a very cute blood elf rogue, she's only 26th level as I barely play her. Well I was on playing her the other day minding my own business standing on top of a very tall tower waiting for the dirigible to arrive and carry me to a far away city when someone says to me "Wow your #$%@ing HOT!" (I have the profanity filter on tyvrymch 1.General: The Barrens :P )so I /shy emote and /thank the weird undead dude standing next to me. At this point the blimp arrives, he proceeds : "So, uh, can I have your phone number?" , I climb on and /laugh in response. The blimp starts to depart, he takes a few steps and jumps, trying to catch it before it pulls away, he fails, as he's falling to his low level death, he /yells "I LOVE YOU!"

I laughed so hard I cried for 15 mins, and immediately relayed the story to a few good friends, and now, I get to share it with you. Definitely one of my top ten warcraft memories!


  1. Wow that is totally hysterical! All I hear is the 12-year-old level banter whilst hubby plays Halo 3 on-line, but it's often worth a chuckle or two...

    Indunda is pretty hot for an elf...I would love to have her thin arms and tiny waist, but wait...are those her eyebrows? Hmmmm...they need a trim...

  2. fun story! her boobs are bigger than her head, no wonder the undead dude fell in love.

  3. Haha, not a World of Warcraft player myself, but that's pretty funny. And I definitely chuckled at the eyebrow comment above.. !